born in 1988, Toulouse, France


| 2019
Artist Statement, Parrallel Vienna, Vienna, Austria (upcoming)
| 2018
Palimpsest, AIS Gallery, Shibukawa, Japan
| 2017
A World Out There, Hopstreet Gallery Window, Brussels, Belgium
Blink, DAC, Dolceaqua, Italy
| 2016
Impostor Syndrom, SNAP Projects Gallery, Lyon, France
| 2015
Our Shadows Touched, Enlarge Your Art, Brussels, Belgium
| 2014
Crystal In Sight, Supervues 014, Hotel Buhurrus, Vaison La Romaine, France
The View We Had from The Terrasse, Escault Architecture Office, Brussels, Belgium (clairenadiasimon)
| 2013
A Few More Seconds and It Will Crystalize, Frédéric de Goldschmidt Collection, Brussels, Belgium (clairenadiasimon)
I can’t look at the sea for long or I lose interest in what’s happening on land, Former Quincaillerie Van der Eycken, Brussels, Belgium (clairenadiasimon)

| 2019
Blind Bazaar, Ramapano at Contemporary Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (upcoming)
Fragments, Bozar, Palais des Beaux-arts, Brussels, Belgium
Futur’s Archeology, Felix Frachon Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Sculpture, Sculpture?, ARS Belga, Brussels, Belgium
(In collaboration with Counter Space, Zurich, Switzerland)
| 2018
Quand le sage designe la lune..., Arondit, Paris, France
Blind Marché, Le Consulat, Paris, France
Fausse Couche, ZZ Studio - Carbon 18, Saint-Etienne, France
///, Tique Art Space, Antwerp, Belgium
Ephemeral Permanence, Felix Frachon Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Slippages, The White House Gallery, Lovenjoel, Belgium
Tension A, Penthouse Art Residency, Brussels, Belgium
| 2017
Private Choice, La Centrale, Brussels, Belgium
Au Hasard..., Villa Balthazar, Valence, France
| 2016
Spring/Break Art Show, Former Main Post Office, New-York, United States
Art Rotterdam, Van Nellefabriek, Rotterdam, Netherlands
| 2015
Un_Formed, PS Project Space, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tuinfeest ‘15, Dhondt-Dhaenens Museum, Deurle, Belgium
Flux/Reflux, SECONDRoom, Ghent, Belgium
Accidental Colors, B.I.N. Art Center, Turnhout, Belgium
Soon, Former Quincaillerie Van der Eycken, Brussels, Belgium
Never been ( ), SNAP Projects Gallery, Lyon, France
| 2014
(phosphene), Huet-Repolt Residency, Brussels, Belgium
Coming People 2014, S.M.A.K. Museum, Ghent, Belgium
Out of Character, CAB Art Center, Brussels, Belgium (clairenadiasimon)
Stalactica, Former Quincaillerie Van der Eycken, Brussels, Belgium
| 2013
Sous le Sapin, Le 7.5 club, Paris, France
| 2012
Soft Goods, project : Outer Limits, MAD, Brussels, Belgium

| 2012 MFA ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
| 2010 Exchange, KHB Weißensee, Berlin, Germany